I’ve got two more weeks before I’m officially back to work.  I’ve been picking up a few hours here and there through Bubs first 6 months of life, but now it’s time to officially be back on the clock.  So, after an appointment today, on a whim, we stopped in our little home town of Rockford to just go for a stroll.

The Rouge River from our picinic table. A river runs through it.

Rockford is very quaint.  Little stores and restaurants, all local…no Starbucks here folks.  We come here a lot for dinner or take-out, to hit the shops when we need something, for the farmers market in the summer.  I’ve run and biked the White Pine through here more times than I can count. But I’ve never really just walked around here by myself.  And it’s funny, because today it really dawned on me that we live in a destination town.  People come here as a place to visit, not just because they need to pick up a birthday present at Paper Doll and grab chili dogs on the way home from Corner Bar.  No, this is a legit, “Let’s go to Rockford for the afternoon” place.

Bubs fast asleep after his stroll.

I love it when I see a place through new eyes.  I sort of feel like I’ve just discovered by home town for the first time in 9 years of living here.  And how sweet our little community really is.

3 thoughts on “#Strollermom Strolling Through Rockford 

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