Sara Wesche Celebrates Milestone with Forbes Communications Council

Forbes Communications Council Is an Invitation-Only Community for Executives Leading Their Industry January 16, 2020, Grand Rapids, MI — Sara Wesche, Principal of 45th Parallel Marketing, is celebrating her one-year anniversary as a member of the Forbes Communications Council, an invitation-only organization for senior leaders to publish original content, connect and excel. “We are so pleased… Read More

Do You Need a New Year Do-Over?

I was so ready for a new year, ready to tackle it, ready to kill it and take no prisoners. I was going to be a better planner, improve my time management, be more present, create a vision board. Yeah, a vision board. Well 2018, you can keep January. I’ve decided this is an eleven month year and I will officially be holding a re-start of 2018 on February 1st. Read More

Tips for Easier Outdoor Winter Adventures with Your Baby or Toddler

Remember summer?  When we could just pop on some sandals and walk out the door? Now, it’s 20 minutes to bundle up my almost 2-year-old for 10-degree weather, and I end up sweaty – go figure. The current temps here in Michigan, like most of the country, are in the single digits, before windchill. We’ve… Read More

Three Simple Ways to Make Market Research Work for You

Today, it’s much easier to conduct market research than in the days of dollars mailed out with paper surveys. We have more opportunities to connect with customers, prospects, and lost customers than ever before.  And each time you communicate with a customer it is an opportunity to gather feedback. Read More

The Top Three Ingredients to Create a Must-Have Toy Craze

What is interesting about a toy craze, from a marketer’s perspective, is that they rarely result from the halo effect that we see from certain brands. There is something about that toy in that moment that spreads like a bad case of lice. Every kid has to have one.  And even more shocking, parents are seemingly willing to walk on hot coals to get them one. Read More