How Important is Your Personal Brand?

In its infancy, the content marketing approach was “if you blog it, they will come”. Marketing content is now shifting towards storytelling – and consumers want to see the human side of the brand. People want to know the people that make the company tick – they want to know your successes and failures – they want to know your opinions on industry trends – they want to know where you had dinner last night. Read More

It’s January 6th and My Effing Christmas Tree is Still Standing

It’s starting to dry up and drop needles. Like the rest of my house, the ornaments probably need to be dusted. The bolster and tree skirt are disheveled from cats, a baby, and general wear and tear. It’s a constant reminder of the current chaos of life. It’s a constant reminder that we sort of sucked at Christmas this year. Read More

The 52 Hike Challenge and Raising a Wild Child

In approximately 35 days I will have a one-year-old son. One year.  The cliche is true – the days are long, but the time goes fast.  My son is happy, healthy, and for the most part seems to be adjusting to the human world quite well.  He has the will power and determination of his mother… Read More

I Collect, My Husband Hordes

He’s fine if I want to part with my O-Town CD, but heaven forbid he let go of the Limp Bizkit album he bought that summer it was cool. And I’m not saying get rid of the music. Put it on the computer if you really think you are going to get down with the Nookie again. I’d just like to free up a little more space, and I feel the cloud is a great place for Fred Durst. Read More